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NEESreu Program Summer 2007

Research Experience for Undergraduates - 2007

2007 NEESreu students joined faculty mentors in exciting research experiences for undergraduate students at world-class earthquake research facilities. 2007 research sites included those at the University at Buffalo, the University of California, Davis, Lehigh University, and NEESit at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Students' papers are shown below detailing individual research projects.

Student Paper
Matthew Alboum, University of Buffalo Sidesway Collapse of Deteriorating Structural Systems Under Seismic Excitations
Vannesa Andrews, University of Tulsa Development of a new Subsurface Strain and Displacement Sensor to be used in Soil
Kenneth Bailey, Georgia Institute of Technology SensorFusion: Localization and Tracking of Sensors Using RFID
Ryan Beemer, Washington State University Detailed Testing of Prescast Concrete Diaphragms at Lehigh University
Austin Brown, University of Nevada, Reno Response of a Substandard Two-column Bridge bent Subjected to near Fault Ground Motion
Clayton Burningham, University of Utah Comparison of Seismic Fragility of Free Standing Equipment using Current testing Protocols and Recorded Building Floor Motions
Jorge Camacho, University of California, Davis Seismic Performance of Exposed Column Base Plates (Phase I)
Richard Fernandez, San Diego State University Soil Mechanics Analysis and Comparison to In Situ Test Methods of Soils found in Potrero Canyon
Eddie Guerra, University of Puerto Rico Impact analysis of a Self-Centering Steel Concentrically- Braced Frame
Vinnie Hung, The Cooper Union Remediation of Soil Liquefaction using Colloidal Silica Grout
Santos Jordan, University of California, Davis Seismic Response Investigation of special Truss Moment Frame (STMF) Subassemblies under Quasi-Static Loading
Jennifer Krebs, Edgewood College A Physical Model Study of Tsunami Inundation with Coastal Infrastructure
Jason Miles, LSU Surge Impact Loading on Wood Residential Structures
Adedotun Moronkeji, University of Missouri, Rolla Physical Modelling of Tsunami Induced Sediment Transport and Scour
Alex Piolatto, Southern Illinois University Effects of Post-Tensioning and Energy Dissipators on Seismic Performance Of Bridge
Brianna Rooney, University of Wisconsin, Stout The Study and Practice Of Metrology at The University of Buffalo NEES Site
Gabriel Sanchez Martinez, University of Puerto Rico A Comparative Study of a Piping System Subjected to Earthquake Loads Using Finite Element Modeling and Analysis
Scott Swensen, University of Utah Design of Self-Centering Moment Resisting Frame and Experimental Loading System
Atia Syed, City College of New York Development of In-House Accelerometer Dynamic Calibration System
Alejandro Uribe, Florida International University SensorFusion: Localization and Tracking of Sensors using RFID
Jennilyn Vallejera, University of Nevada, Reno Behavior and Testing of Small Scale Columns under Combined Action Loading
Brian Wiebe, Oregon State University SensorFusion: Localization and Tracking of Sensors Using RFID