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NEESreu Program Summer 2008

Research Experience for Undergraduates - 2008

2008 NEESreu students joined faculty mentors in exciting research experiences for undergraduate students at world-class earthquake research facilities. 2008 research sites included those at the University at Buffalo, the University of California, Davis, Lehigh University, and NEESit at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Students' papers are shown below detailing individual research projects.

Student Paper
Ryan Ahn, Pennsylvania State Design of a Seismic-Resistant Self-Centering Concentrically-Braced Frame and Experimental Test Structure
Daniel Alvarado, Arizona State Bio-Mediated Soil Improvement: Cementation of Unsaturated Sand Samples
Rommel Cintron, University of Puerto Rico Strain Measurements with the Digital Image Correlation System Vic-2D
Ryan Doheny, University of Central Florida, Orlando Exploration of Uni-axial Shaketables Dynamics
Luis Funes, San Jose State Video on Centrifuge Modeling of the Effects of Earthquakes on Bridge Foundations
Savannah Gowdy, Georgia Institute of Technology Full Characterization of the Influence fo Conductivity Changes To Resistance Wave Gauge Measurements
Vanna Keller, Texas A&M Large Scale Particle Trajectory via Tsunami Wave Forces
Bogdan Liea, University of California, Davis Measuring Strains with High Resolution Camera and Understanding Structural Behavior
Aaron Malatesta, Chico State Hazardous Vibration Mitigation of Structures Using Magneto-Rheological Tuned Mass Dampers
Nahom Micael, San Jose State Development and Design of Centrifuge Model Container
Jodi Sangster, University of Nebraska, Omaha A Numerical Model for the Transport of Boulder By Tsunami
Alan Stewart, University of California, Berkeley Experimental Analysis of Self-Centering Moment Resisting Frames
Evan Tusini, George Washington University Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Infill Walls
Matt Whipple, University of Nevada, Reno SYNCDVV: A New Software Solution for Shake Table Data and Video Synchronization Using GPS Acquired SMPTE Timecode
Meiai Xie, University of California, San Diego Performance of Straw Bale Wall System and Prediction of Straw Bale House Response