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NEEShub Boot Camps

Wednesday, July 11th    bootcamp

The NEEShub Boot Camps are a series of workshops hosted by NEEScomm and aimed at familiarizing students and researchers with the expectations for projects on NEEShub, as well as the capabilities of the system.

This group provides training information and exercises for the NEEShub.

Boot Camp #1: Introduction to NEEShub Project Warehouse and Databases
8:30 am - 10:00 am

Ellen Rathje, Stanislav Pejša
This NEEShub Boot Camp session introduces the basic NEEShub features that facilitate research. It also provides an introduction to Data Management guidelines and to the new Databases resource. The Data Management presentation specifically focuses on the NEEShub Project Warehouse. Topics covered include recommended file formats, necessary metadata, and organization of data files. Additionally, upload/storage of final reports and publications into the NEES Project Warehouse and copyright issues are discussed.
Boot Camp #2: Data Upload and Visualization in the NEEShub 
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Rachelle Howell 
This NEEShub Boot Camp session features hands-on exercises designed to help familiarize new users with the tools that are most commonly used for uploading data to and for visualizing data on the NEEShub. These tools include the Project Editor, Project Explorer for NEES (PEN), the interactive Display for Earthquake Engineering Data (inDEED), and the inDEED Authoring tool. This boot camp will take the form of an onsite competition with a number of milestones to be completed during the event. After the boot camp, users will know how to edit an existing project in the Project Warehouse, download data from the Project Warehouse using the Project Editor, upload data to the Project Warehouse using PEN, use inDEED to visualize data within the Project Warehouse, and create an inDEED file.
Boot Camp #3a: Real-time Data Viewing with RDV 
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Real-Time Data Viewer (RDV) is a software tool available on the NEEShub for viewing and analyzing live or archived data. Supported data sources include voltage sensors, strain gages, video, still images, and data created by 3-dimensional measurement systems.  The viewer can queue up input from all of these different sources and provide time-synchronized display or replay.  This workshop provides an introduction to the RDV software features and operational steps for using archived test data from a past project conducted at the MAST Laboratory (University of Minnesota).
Boot Camp #3b: Computational Simulation on the NEEShub 
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Juan Caicedo 
The NEEShub cyberinfrastructure provides powerful computational capabilities for simulation of engineering systems.  These capabilities include running computational models on the NEEShub, submitting models to high performance computing environments, and sharing simulation models with the rest of the community.  This hands-on cyber simulation workshop will help you explore the different methods to run simulations on the NEEShub.The boot camp will take the form of an onsite competition with a number of milestones to be completed during the event. After the boot camp you will be familiar with running Windows applications on NEEShub, submitting large scale simulations, and other available cyberinfrastructure tools such as the library of computational models.