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Moment-Curvature Response of Reinforced Concrete Members

Spreadsheet program to compute the moment-curvature response of reinforced concrete members

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Version 1.0 - published on 04 Jun 2014

Open source: license | download

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FLECHA is a spreadsheet program that computes the moment-curvature response of reinforced concrete members.

The shaded cells in the spreadsheet have comments that indicate the user what should be input in each cell.

Note: The speadsheet is an Excel worksheet that requires Macros to be enabled.



Spreadsheet written by Santiago Pujol (

Enrique Villalobos included calculations for the geometric and plastic centroids, an option to specify where the axial load acts, and the location where moments are computed. Additionally, enhancements of the graphical interface, comments to the macros, and the example section were made.

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  • Santiago Pujol; Enrique Villalobos (2014), "Moment-Curvature Response of Reinforced Concrete Members,"

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