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Benchmark Wireless Structural Control Problem

By Zhuoxiong Sun1, Bo Li2, Shirley Dyke1, Chenyang Lu2, Lauren Linderman3

1. Purdue University 2. Washington University in St. Louis 3. University of Minnesota

Published on


Structural control systems offer an attractive approach to protect civil infrastructures from natural hazards such as earthquakes. Wireless structural control systems which utilize wireless sensors for sensing, communication and control have drawn increased attention due to the flexible installation, rapid deployment and reduced cost. Although there are studies of wireless control systems for civil structures, a benchmark problem which captures not only the dynamics of the plant but also the realistic features of a wireless network have not been available. Herein, a wireless control benchmark (WCB) problem is proposed. The problem considers a ‚Äčrepresentative benchmark AMD building model that is instrumented using a wireless sensor network. The features of the wireless sensor network are simulated using TOSSIM, a state-of-the-art open-source simulator for wireless sensor networks. Wireless signal and noise traces collected from a real world multi-story building are used in TOSSIM to realistically model the wireless sensor network such as the stochastic properties of transmission failures over different wireless links. This WCB model can be used as a numerical testbed to investigate wireless control issues such as network induced delay, data loss, available sensor measurements, measurement noises and control constraints. A sample optimal time-delay (OTD) controller is provided with this benchmark problem to illustrate the typical process of wireless control system design. Evaluation criteria are provided to compare the performance of different control algorithms. This model with both cyber (wireless network) components and physical (structural) components offer an exemplary cyber-physical system in civil engineering.

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  • Zhuoxiong Sun; Bo Li; Shirley Dyke; Chenyang Lu; Lauren Linderman (2014), "Benchmark Wireless Structural Control Problem,"

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