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This structural performance database contains material and geometric properties, experimental results, and references for tests of reinforced concrete structural walls subjected to lateral-load reversals. Data files containing load-deflection data are currently being processed and will be offered here soon.

Part of the database was assembled by researchers at Tongji University.

Please submit questions regarding this database to Cheng Song ( and Ying Wang (


Shear Wall Database Glossary

Wall and Setup Properties Experimental Results Reference Information
  • wall geometry
  • axial load
  • wall material properties
  • reinforcing details
  • test configuration
  • links to digital records of experimental
    results will be provided here in the near future
  • links to references and citations
  • links to drawings


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  • Xilin Lu, Ying Zhou, Juhua Yang, Jiang Qian, Cheng Song, and Ying Wang (2010). "Shear Wall Database," Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (database), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D38C9R416.