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OpenSees Application Development

By Gregory P Rodgers

Purdue University

This is the OpenSees Application Development Tool. The tool provides you with some example setups so you can develop your OpenSees TCL code and Rappture user interface.

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Archive Version 2.3.1-34
Published on 23 Aug 2011, unpublished on 21 Apr 2015 All versions

This tool is closed source.



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OpenSees Development Tool (opensees2)

OpenSees can be run in NEEShub with several tool interfaces.  This interface (opensees2) is one of these interfaces.   The purpose of opensees2 is to help you develop your XML and TCL code to create other HUB tools dedicated to a particular model or specimen.   

When you first use opensees2, a set of examples will be copied to your HOME directory (in the hub) in the directory called opensees2.  A subdirectory of opensees2 will created for each example simulation type.   These are ONE_BAY_ONE_STORY_EXAMPLE, cli, peerNGA, sine, and sine_no_gui.   You can test each of these examples by launching opensees2.  You can create your own simulation by choosing "Create new directory".   After you create a new directory, you must stop and launch the opensees2 tool again so it can recognize your new directory as choice for development.


Currently there are five NEEShub tools devoted to OpenSees.

  1. opensees2 - This is the application development tool for building OpenSees Simulation applications.  It manages a set of selectable applications stored as subdirectories of the HOME directory opensees2.  Each subdirectory must contain a main tcl file and an optional GUI file called tool.xml.  
  2. openseeslab  - This is a set of special graphical interfaces for well-developed opensees applications.
  3. osnavigator - OpenSees Navigator uses TK and Matlab to prepare, execute, and analyze results for OpenSees simulations.
  4. buildingtcl - This is another graphical interface for building TCL files to execute with OpenSees. 
  5. openseesbuild - This is not a user interface.  It is the area used to manage the OpenSees binary executable and special purpose OpenSees executables.   Other interfaces can use the OpenSees binary by calling


If you have any questions or problems using opensees2, please ask questions or open tickets from this HUB interface by clicking on the Q&A tab or the support button.


OpenSees is developed and maintained by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) at the University of California, Berkeley.



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