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PEN 2.4

By Lily Dong, Ian Mathew1, Gregory P Rodgers1

1. Purdue University

Project Explorer for NEES. Use this tool to manage(upload/download) files for a NEES project. Please read the new PEN Quick Start Guide.

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Version - published on 06 May 2015

Open source: license | download

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Welcome to PEN 2.4  - RELEASE 2.4.5

PEN is the Project Explorer for NEES. It is a java tool intended to run on a remote workstation or in the hub. The primary purpose of PEN is to organize files and directories for upload and download with the NEES Project Warehouse while a project is in active development.

Release notes for PEN can be found here.

To get started with PEN, please visit our new PEN Quick-Start Guide.

To start PEN on a local workstation or laptop, click on the appropriate download button below. To start PEN as a hub tool, click on the  Launch Tool button above.   Use the hub version only if you want to upload or download project files to the NEEShub tool environment.  Most people will use a local workstation version of PEN.

Download PEN for your Platform

Microsoft Windows

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Download/Execute Linux PEN

You must have Java installed to use PEN on any remote platform

 Click here to download Java

PEN works on a single NEES project at a time. PEN helps you organize a local directory tree according to the NEES project data model.  It also provides an interface to edit object information including Title and Description.  An object is either a project, experiment, simulation, trial, run, repetition, directory or file.    PEN allows you to upload or download individual files or entire objects.

PEN is in active development by NEEScomm IT. NEEScomm IT is soliciting your feedback to improve PEN.  NEEScomm has dedicated resources that will continue to develop and support PEN.. Problems will be addressed using the NEEShub ticket system. Please enter tickets from the page you are on.  You may also enter wishes from the wish tab on this page.


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