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Hybrid Simulation Workshop at University of California, Berkley

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The NEES site at the University California, Berkeley will host a Hybrid Simulation Workshop at February 24 and 25, 2011, at Richmond Field Station.

Hybrid simulation is a set of methods for examining the seismic response of structures using a hybrid model comprised of both physical and numerical sub-structures. This workshop on hybrid simulation is for NEES researchers, both current and future. Attendees will:

  • Learn the basics of hybrid simulation methods.
  • Learn about OpenSees, OpenFresco and Navigator, our basic tools.
  • Conduct a hybrid simulation at the nees@berkeley Equipment Site.
  • Be able to use hybrid simulation in their NEES and non-NEES projects.
  • Prepare to develop new hybrid simulation tests and algorithms.

The workshop presenters  will review the basics of hybrid simulation, including similitude requirements for model design, model implementation including integration methods, and simulation result interpretation. Then, they will demonstrate how hybrid simulation is implemented at NEES@Berkeley using its hardware and OpenSees and OpenFresco software. The attendees will have a unique opportunity to develop a hybrid model and, with the help of NEES staff, implement and run a hybrid simulation at NEES@Berkeley. Throughout the workshop presenters will demonstrate how to use the NEES@Berkeley equipment site hardware and software portfolio and how to process and archive hybrid simulation data.

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