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Experimental tests on cyclic beam-column interaction strength of concrete-filled steel tubes

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This paper presents selected experimental results on 18 tests on circular and rectangular concrete-filled steel tubes (CFT) subjected to cyclic loads. The selected test matrix in this experimental study is unique for the size and slenderness of the specimens, which fill gaps found in the available experimental CFT databases. Different steel tube shapes with high slender both for widththickness ratios and lengths are the main characteristics of the CFT test matrix tested in this research. These CFT specimens were subjected to different load cases (i.e. internal pressure due to filling, critical load, cyclic uniaxial and biaxial bending with different axial force levels, and finally torsion). The load protocol addresses the measurement of the column critical load and the determination of the beam-column P-M interaction diagram, both accounting for the stability reduction. In addition, both the stiffness and strength degradation and the progression of local buckling are evaluated through a load case with incremental cyclic top lateral displacement. The tests confirmed the extreme toughness and strength of composite concrete-filled beam-columns.

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  • Tiziano Perea; Roberto Leon; Mark Denavit; Jerome Hajjar (2011), "Experimental tests on cyclic beam-column interaction strength of concrete-filled steel tubes,"

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