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FileToRbnb reads from a DAQ-formatted ASCII file and sends the contents to the Data Turbine server.

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Archive Version 1.0
Published on 28 Sep 2008, unpublished on 08 Apr 2015 All versions

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FileToRbnb reads from a DAQ-formatted ASCII file and sends the contents to a Data Turbine server.
The input file begins with a metadata header that describes the active channels and their units. Each line following the metadata header represents a single point in time (always in GMT) and contains the value of each channel at that point in time. Values are seperated by tab characters (t) and missing values are indicated with a sequence of two tabs in a row with no intervening spaces (i.e., tt). Note the use of scientific notation for the values. Below is a short sample file. To use the file for test purposes, replace all t's with actual tab characters before importing it into the Data Turbine server.

Active channels: ATL1,ATT1,ATL3,ATT3
Channel units: g,g,in,kip

More information:
Data Turbine Utility Document Web Page
Data Turbine Server Document Web Page
Click here to download Data Turbine Utility document as a PDF.

[For the first-time users]
This tool uses network communication, but new users are not automatically allowed to access network for security reason.
If you can not run this tool correctly (i.e., this tool can not connect a remote server.), you can ask network permission thru "Help" menu on the top right.