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Seismic Workshop Summer 2011 Post Reflection Survey

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This three day workshop matched nine high school teachers with 6 earthquake engineering graduate students to design science inquiry lessons based on field seismic experimentation methods.The major objectives for the event was to

1. Raise teachers awareness of NEES, earthquake engineering

2. Apply experimental methods used by earthquake engineers to measure mechanical properties of soil in the field

3. Interpret seismic data using various visualization methods

4. Be confident in their ability to use the experimental techniques and data analysis methods with their students.

The post workshop evaluation was designed to be a short measure of teachers perception of engineering and their perception of their readiness to use the learning materials in their classroom. Open responses questions to gather general information about what they liked/disliked about the workshop and recommendations for change.

A longer version of the survey was initially designed to capture more details about teachers’ readiness to use the material in the classroom and their understanding of what is engineering and their intentions to refine their approach to teaching based on their experiences in the workshop.

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