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The NEES 2011 Summit was an opportunity to bring researchers (plus graduate students) and site operations professionals together to review state of the are research methods and results. The post event survey was administered electronically using the NEEShub survey tool. All participants were recruited with an email requesting their participation in the survey (See Doc and Attachments section). The survey attempts to gather data to answer the following questions.

1. Who participated? (Demographic information )
2. What portions of the meeting did the participant attend?
3. What was the quality of the Plenary session? (topics, depth, relevance to community, time)
4. What was the quality of the technical sessions? (topics, depth, relevance to community, time)
5. What was the quality of the NEEShub Training Sessions? (Introduction, advanced topics, Diagnosis/Support)?
6. What are participantrsquo;s perceptions of their ability to use the NEEShub following the training session?
7. Are the supporting documents sufficient?
8. Was the registration process clear and efficient?
9. Was the accommodations and meeting facilities adequate?

Results of this event will be analyzed and reported in the NEEScomm 2012 annual report.

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