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An Internet-based Educational Platform for Earthquake Engineering Laboratory Experiments

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Shake table constitutes a versatile tool for educational purposes and small scale research projects in earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. Hands-on activities involving shake tables are effective tools for learning concepts in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. For nearly ten years the University Consortium of Instructional Shake Tables has worked toward improving educational opportunities related to earthquake engineering. More recently, the suite of educational opportunities has expanded to include the use of teleoperation experiments for education at the undergraduate level. Through a partnership with an NSF sponsored cyberenvironment project referred to as the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES), we are working to enhance earthquake engineering education around the world. The development of teleoperation and teleparticipation exercises for bench-scale instructional shake tables based around the NEES suite of tools will allow future civil engineers to learn fundamental concepts in structural dynamics.






Partial support for this project is provided by the National Science Foundation, DUE 0618605 & 1058462. Support for original development of the UCIST was provided by the NSF, DUE 9950340. The assistance of NEESit and NEEScomm staff is also appreciated. All of this support is appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.


C. Wu, L. Yu, S.J. Dyke, C. Beeler and J. Ouyang. "An Internet-based Educational Platform for Earthquake Engineering Laboratory Experiments," Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Education, iNEER, Belfast, Ireland, August 21-26, 2011.

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  • Shirley Dyke; Jian Ouyang; Chris Lawrence Beeler; Chencheng Wu; Le Yu (2011), "An Internet-based Educational Platform for Earthquake Engineering Laboratory Experiments,"

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