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Survive that Wave! Is a fun game similar to the outdoor game tag. Team captains must lead their team to safety. This game is best played outdoors on a sunny day!


Earthquake Engineering Component

Learning Objectives and Standards

Links to the National Science Standards and to individual State Science Standards are available by using this link:

The objective of this game is to show students the importance of evacuation procedures during a tsunami. In addition to understanding the importance of evacuation they also learn the importance of organizing efficiently in the event of a disaster.

Material List

  • One student to serve as the Tsunami
  • One student to serve as the lead scientist
  • One student to serve as the local government
  • Three students to serve as the media:
    • One student to serve as the television
    • One student to serve as the radio
    • One student to serve as the internet
  • Remaining students divided evenly into three evacuee groups


  • First show students tsunami videos as seen in the links and resources section. Here scientist discuss the importance of simulation tsunamis, and evacuation procedures
  • Assign students roles as mentioned in the materials section.
  • Each of the three evacuee groups must either be assigned to the internet group, television group or radio group


  • The Tsunami must whisper the lead scientist that there is a tsunami coming and he has to alert the local government.
  • The lead scientist alerts the local government and is instructed to alert the media
  • Once the media is alerted, they must alert their evacuee group!


The first team to assemble all students by birthday in order is declared the winning team from January 1 on one end and December 31 at the other end. The catch is that they must do all this without talking or writing anything down, only using hand motions.

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