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This resource features a database created by The American Concrete Institute Committee 445C in an effort led by

The data presented here were obtained from tests of reinforced concrete slabs loaded statically to simulate concentric slab punching due to gravity loads. The data are fundamental in understanding the resistance of slabs to punching shear, which is critical in structures in regions of both low and high seismicity.


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Click on the black View Database button to browse the database. You can sort any column, search or filter on any number of columns, and export the database as a spreadsheet. -- in whole or in part. The columns are color coded for easier data exploration:

green pink blue yellow purple teal
Test Specimen, Geometry and Set-up Material Properties Slab Reinforcement Details Test Results Observations by Task Group Derived Quantities


The database contains raw data as reported by the researcher(s) with some basic post-processing, distributed as follows:

The collected data correspond to raw data as reported by previous researchers. The data have been organized in 5 blocks (reference information, description of test specimen, description of material properties, slab reinforcement details, and test results) including room for commentary by the committee. The variables used to describe the test specimen properties are self explanatory. The databank developers recently published a paper which can be used as a manual.

CRITERIA (Last 11 columns)

These columns contain the results of a basic-level post-processing of collected (raw) data. The derived quantities are typically used by researchers to characterize both the test specimens and the results, and to calculate punching capacity. Conversion factors used to evaluate the concrete compressive strength listed under the heading f1c are

CY100x100 CY61x122 CY75x150 CY100x200 CY150x300 CY160x320 CY100x300 CY120x360 PR120x360 CU100 CU120 CU150 CU200
0.84 0.89 0.90 0.92 0.95 1.00 1.00 1.05 1.00 0.68 0.71 0.75 0.79

In the cases of test slabs for which the reinforcement ratio was not reported by the researcher or insufficient information was reported to allow its calculation, column rho-near provides estimated reinforcement ratios within a column strip of width b1+3h. ACI committee 445C is in the process of preparing a series of checks and criteria that can be used to evaluate the mode of slab failure, namely i) slab flexural capacity evaluation and ductility check, and ii) check for bond failure of the slab reinforcement, together with a series of Data Acceptance Criteria (DAC) to be able to retrieve specific test data.

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  • Carlos E. Ospina, Gerd Birkle, Widianto Widianto (2011). "ACI 445 Punching Shear Collected Databank," Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (database), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D3TX35618.