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On November 1, 2011, the Simulation Subcommittee of the NEEScomm Project Advisory Committee, under the leadership of Prof. Greg Deierlein from Stanford University submitted to NEEScomm Headquarters their report entitled: NEES 2011 Vision Report on Computational and Hybrid Simulation: Needs and Opportunities.

This report is intended to help identify some of the most important needs for earthquake engineering researchers and practitioners, with particular attention on those needs that can be addressed through coordinated initiatives of NEEScomm, including Cyberinfrastructure deployments through the NEEShub. Further, the report provides a synthesis and prioritization of suggested activities and initiative areas for NEEScomm to consider. The report is geared towards earthquake engineering researchers, practicing engineers and NEEScomm staff and representatives from NSF and other NEHRP agencies.

NEEScomm wants to express its deepest appreciation for the development of this important document for NEES to the members of the Simulation Subcommittee: G. Deierlein (chair), P. Arduino, D. Assimaki, J. Caicedo, S. Dyke, M. Hachem, A. Irfanoglu, F. McKenna, P. Lynett, L. Lowes, L. Mejia, S. Mazzoni, G. Mosqueda, N. Nakata, J. Zhang, G. Rogers (ex officio).


Members of the Simulation Subcommittee.

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  • Gregory Deierlein; Pedro Arduino; Dominic Assimaki; Juan M Caicedo; Shirley Dyke; Mahmoud M Hachem; Ayhan Irfanoglu; Frank McKenna; Patrick Lynett; Laura Nicole Lowes; Lelio Mejia; Silvia Mazzoni; Gilberto Mosqueda; Naru Nakata; Jian Zhang; Gregory P Rodgers (2011), "NEES Vision Report on Computational and Hybrid Simulation,"

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