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NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar - Simulation Capabilities Recording - January 2012

By Rajesh Thyagarajan

Purdue University

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NEEShub Simulation Capabilities


Simulation tool developers, NEES power users who:

* have a very large simulations or many simulations in excess of 30 minutes run time.
* need to script parameter sweeps
* run a structure analysis with a large suite of ground motions.

Prerequisite: An understanding of command line interfaces such as DOS/Windows cmd shell or Linux bash. We will introduce Linux bash and tcl and use them extensively in this webinar.
Description: This NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar will introduce users to new NEEShub capabilities in the area of Simulation and Batch Processing. Recently added batch processing services will be discussed and demonstrated. These services make it easy to orchestrate a set of simulations runs for many different test cases and to provide access to high-capacity Scratch space. Upon completion of the Webinar, participants will be able to write scripts to submit one or more jobs to multiple execution venues utilizing high performance computing resources available to NEES.
This webinar is aimed at Power Uses with very large simulations or many simulations, users needing to script parameter sweeps, or users running structure analyses with a large suite of ground motions.


* Introduction to the linux workspace tool on NEEShub.
* Manual execution (command line) of the opensees simulator
* Manual execution (command line) of other applications.
* Use of the new batchsubmit command to run opensees
* Use of batchsubmit to run other applications
* The batchstatus command
* Demonstration of how HOME directory space is linked to scratch space.

HOUR 2 (optional)

* Simple parallel execution (the --ncpus argument to batchsubmit)
* Parallel opensees (how to modify sequential input to be parallel input)
* How to use batchsubmit for other venues.
* Overview of various NEES execution High Performance Computing (HPC) venues: They are local hub execution, osg, hansen, steele, kraken, and ranger.
* Advanced batchsubmit options and scripting the execution of batchsubmit. How does the openseeslab user interface use batchsubmit.

Credits and References

Gregory Rodgers, NEEScomm IT

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