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iSeismograph System Guide

By Rajesh Thyagarajan

Purdue University

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iSeismograph is a telepresence-demonstration and educational tool built on top of RDV and Data Turbine. It takes advantage of the in-board video-camera and 3-axis accelerometer built into all new Apple MacBook products to provide an telepresence demonstration often referred to as "Data Turbine in a Can".

As such, the software comprises four main parts:

* Data Turbine (rbng.jar) , acting as the server.
* Real-Time Data Viewer (rdv.jar), acting as the client.
* iSight Camera and Apple Accelerometer drivers (commons.jar, isight.jar,libUnimotionLib.jnilib, sms_rbnb.jar, sms.jar), providing real-time data.
* iSeismograph Scripts (Go_iSeismograph, iseismograph.rdv, 'gluing' the other three parts together into a user-experience.

This guide covers how to the iSeismograph scripts manage the other three components and how to generate the executable jar file installer.

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