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The Third International Workshop on Long-Wave Runup Models

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Nickname: The Third International Workshop on Long-Wave Runup Models


THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON LONG-WAVE RUNUP MODELS that took place June 11-12, 2004 at the Wrigley Marine Science Center of the University of Southern California on Catalina Island, California.

The primary objectives were to provide a platform for discussing both old and new numerical models and their applications to various critical issues concerning tsunami runup and wave-structure interactions. To accomplish this goal, four benchmark problems were selected.

1. Calculations of the moving shoreline.
2. Tsunami runup onto a complex three-dimensional topography.
3. Landslide generated tsunami.
4. Tsunami forces on a nearshore structure. The workshop participants discussed their numerical model and the comparisons between their numerical results and solutions for the benchmark problems.This is the data repository for the benchmark problems so that modelers can revisit the problems for their model validation.


Harry Yeh

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