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Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Lab Report Series

By Shirley Dyke

Purdue University



Published on


This is the report series for the IISL, which is housed in the Bowen Laboratory at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Please see each of the individual reports for citation details.

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  • Shirley Dyke (2014), "Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Lab Report Series,"

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In This Series

  1. Development and Validation of a Robust Actuator Motion Controller for Real-time Hybrid Simulation Applications

    08 Feb 2012 |
    Active Documents |
    Contributor(s): Xiuyu Gao, Nestor Eduardo Castaneda-Aguilar, Shirley Dyke

    Real time hybrid simulation (RTHS) has increasingly been recognized as a powerful testing...

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  2. Development and Validation of a Computational Tool for Real-time Hybrid of Steel Frame Structures

    18 Oct 2012 |
    Active Documents |
    Contributor(s): Nestor Eduardo Castaneda-Aguilar, Xiuyu Gao, Shirley Dyke

    The use of traditional techniques such as the shake table or the pseudo-dynamic (PSD) test are...

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  3. Development and Experimental Validation of a New Control Strategy Considering Device Dynamics for Large-Scale MR Dampers using Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

    17 Jun 2013 |
    Publications |
    Contributor(s): Anthony Friedman, Shirley Dyke

    As MR control devices increase in scale for use in real-world civil engineering applications,...

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  4. Establishing Predictive Indicators for Stability and Performance of SDOF Real-time Hybrid Simulation

    29 Jul 2013 |
    Publications |
    Contributor(s): Amin Maghareh, Shirley Dyke, Arun Prakash, Jeffrey Rhoads

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  5. Verification of Real-Time Hybrid Simulation With Shake Table Tests for a Three Story Structure Equipped with MR Damper

    11 Dec 2014 |
    Publications |
    Contributor(s): Ali Irmak Ozdagli, Wang Xi, Gaby Ou, Shirley Dyke, Jian Zhang, Bin Wu

    In the last few decades, Real-time hybrid simulation (RTHS) has become a recognized testing...

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  6. Enabling role of hybrid simulation within the NEES infrastructure in advancing earthquake engineering practice and research

    23 Feb 2015 |
    Active Documents |
    Contributor(s): Daniel Gomez, Shirley Dyke, Amin Maghareh

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