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NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar - inDEED and the Authoring Tool - February 2012

By Rajesh Thyagarajan

Purdue University

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This NEEShub Boot Camp Webinar took place on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 from 12:30 - 1:30 PM (EST) and demonstrate data visualization capabilities available through the inDEED and Specimen Authoring tools.

The NEEShub allows researchers to share their data with the engineering community using several tools. The objective of this NEEShub Boot Camp webinar is to demonstrate the use of the tools inDEED and the Specimen Authoring Tool. InDEED is a tool that gives the user a way to process, visualize, analyze, and compare experimental and numerical earthquake simulation data. Projects that display data with inDEED are listed on the Enhanced Projects list, which makes it easier for others to access your data.
The Specimen Authoring Tool is the tool that is used to create the input file for inDEED. Using an example file, the different options and capabilities of inDEED will be demonstrated, and a visualization file will be created with the Specimen Authoring Tool.

Credits and References

Dr. Ellen Rathje (University of Texas, NEEScomm member
Enrique Villalobos-Fernández, Purdue University

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