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2020 Vision for Earthquake Engineering Research (Poster)

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This paper provides a brief summary of the outcomes of the recent workshop, Vision 2020: An Open Space Technology (OST) Workshop on the Future of Earthquake Engineering. Vision 2020 was established to formulate a vision of where Earthquake Engineering in the US needs to be in 2020 to vigorously address the grand challenge of mitigating earthquake and tsunami risk going forward. The objectives of the workshop were: 1) to chart the principal new directions in earthquake engineering research, practice, education and outreach for the earthquake engineering community over the next 10 years, and to postulate the needs beyond 2020; and 2) to reflect on the role of the current NSF NEES facilities in meeting the research needs of the earthquake community and to elucidate what new facilities would facilitate rapid progress along these new directions. Eighty-three participants attended, representing a diverse cross-section of researchers and practitioners from the earthquake engineering community. 









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  • Shirley Dyke; Bozidar Stojadinovic; Pedro Arduino; Maria Garlock; Nicolas Luco; Julio Ramirez; Solomon Yim; Wei Song (2012), "2020 Vision for Earthquake Engineering Research (Poster),"

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