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SLAMMER--Seismic LAndslide Movement Modeled using Earthquake Records

Sliding block displacement analyses for seismic slope stability.

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Version DEV-20140912-1 - published on 12 Sep 2014

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Landslides typically cause a large proportion of earthquake damage, and the ability to predict slope performance during earthquakes is important for many types of seismic-hazard analysis and for the design of engineered slopes. Newmark's method for modeling a landslide as a rigid-plastic block sliding on an inclined plane provides a useful method for predicting approximate landslide displacements. Newmark's method estimates the displacement of a potential landslide block as it is subjected to earthquake shaking from a specific strong-motion record (earthquake acceleration-time history). A modification of Newmark's method, decoupled analysis, allows modeling landslides that are not assumed to be rigid blocks.

SLAMMER facilitates performing a variety of sliding-block analyses to evaluate seismic slope performance.  Functionalities include both rigorous and simplified analyses of rigid sliding blocks (i.e. Newmark analysis) and flexible sliding blocks (i.e. decoupled and fully coupled approaches).  Rigorous analyses calculate displacement based on user-specified ground motions, while simplified analyses use empirical regression relationships to predict displacement based on ground motion parameters (e.g., peak ground acceleration).  The nonlinear response of soil within the flexible sliding blocks can be taken account through the equivalent-linear approximation.  A large database of recorded ground motions from the PEER Ground Motion Database are included with the program or users can import their own ground motion for analysis.


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  • Jibson, R.W., Rathje, E.M., Jibson M.W., and Lee, Y.W. (2013). SLAMMER—Seismic LAndslide Movement Modeled using Earthquake Records:  U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 12-B1