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Assessment to be used with "Become An Engineer" Lesson #4432

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This is an example of a brief exit survey/assessment that could be used after the Become An Engineer learning object.

Learning Objectives and Standards

Participants will be able to…
  • Recall what NEES stands for
  • Define what models are how they are used in an experiment
  • Identify causes of a tsunami
  • Build and test a Lego™ structure to determine if it can withstand a model tsunami

Participants will be interested in pursuing other engineering and science activities.

Links and Resources



1.  What does NEES Stand for?

  1. National Engineering Essentials Systems
  2. National Earthquake Engineering Simulation
  3. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
  4. Network for Earthquake Emergency Situations

  2. Did your team build a structure that survived the wave?

A. Yes

B. No

  3. What did the ping pong ball represent in the tsunami simulator?

A. An Olympic Sport

B. Items inside of a building

C. People inside of a building

D. Earthquake

  4. Did your ping pong ball remain in your structure during the tsunami?

A. Yes

B. No  

5. Which of the following is the best description of civil infrastructure?

A. Interior Walls

B. Ceiling and Floors

C. People

D. Gas lines, water lines and electrical lines  

6. Which of the follow is the least likely to cause a tsunami?

A. Landslide

B. Earthquake

C. Volcano Eruptions

D. Hurricanes        

Check the response to these statements that best describe your experience

Strongly Agree



Strongly disagree

  1. This experiences has increased my interest in learning more about engineering and science related to earthquakes



Educators who used this lesson and assessment are able to add or moodify questions based upon their own identified learning objectives.

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