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Easy Upload of Sensor Information and Data Acquisition Channel Lists To NEEScentral

By Rajesh Thyagarajan

Purdue University

Published on


Typical NEES earthquake engineering experiments often use dense sensor arrays on the order of 400 sensors to help characterize performance and behavior of the test specimen.

Detailed metadata about each sensor such as the exact 3-D location and orientation of the sensor relative to the specimen is necessary in order to understand the data from the experiment. The NEES data model attempts to capture as much of this pertinent metadata about the sensor locations, as well as information about the associated data acquisition (DAQ) channels that the sensors are hooked up to during an experiment in order to easily associate the sensors with the actual data files outputted from the DAQ system.

The NEEScentral user interface allows a user to upload data and metadata for each sensor and each DAQ channel individually. This can be a time consuming task for experiments with 400 sensors and DAQ channels. Therefore, NEESit is developing mechanisms for bulk upload of data and metadata in order to simplify the upload process for the user. This document describes methods to easily upload many sensor locations and DAQ channels at one time using an Excel spreadsheet template provided by NEESit.

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