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Spector2008 is a simple and useful tool to generate earthquake spectra from ground motion records.

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Version 1.0 - published on 30 Aug 2012

This tool is closed source.

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Spector 2008 is Microsoft-Windows based application that computes linear earthquake response spectra from ground motion records. This application provides students and professionals in earthquake engineering a convenient way of studying earthquake response spectra.

Given a ground acceleration record, Spector2008 computes acceleration, velocity, displacement, and energy spectra for different damping ratios. The ground motion data file needs to be a text file with data in one column. The file needs to be transferred to your directory on NEEShub using SyncroNEES or any SFTP program (The SFTP program is fairly standard on MacOSX and Linux machines. If you're running Windows, you'll have to download a special program to do this. One good choice is the psftp utility.).  After importing the ground motion file, a popup window will ask you to input the time step of the record and the line number of the first line of data (assuming that the first lines may be information headers). You also need to select the units for the data. An acceleration time history plot will be generated next to allow you to check the ground motion record. Select next the damping ratio(s) on the right and click “Compute Spectra”. The application will then compute and plot the response spectra for the ground motion record and damping ratios selected. Toggle among spectra plots of acceleration, velocity, displacement, and energy using the buttons on the right. The computed spectra data can be exported and saved to your NEEShub directory as CSV files.


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