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NEEShub Training Video (in Chinese, 75 minutes)

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This video documents a presentation given (in Chinese) on NEEShub cyberinfrastructure functionalities. The NEEShub is intended to be a platform for research, collaboration, and education for the international community in earhtquake engineering to share information, data, results and tools. In this presentation we take a group of students from Harbin Institute of Technology (in Harbin, China) through the main features of the NEEShub. Step by step instructions are provided to guide the participants through a series of activities of interest to researchers and educators in earthquake engineering. The video is about 75 minutes in duration. 

Credits and References

The topics covered in this presentation include: 

  • Overview of NEES
  • Overview of
  • Introduction to Tool and Resources
  • Introduction to Project warehouse

The details of training include:

  • Use project editor to create a project
  • Use PEN (Project Explorer for NEES) to upload multiple files

Presented by: Gaby (Ge) Ou

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  • Ge(Gaby) Ou; NEES EOT (2012), "NEEShub Training Video (in Chinese, 75 minutes),"

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