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Design of Self-Centering Steel Concentrically-Braced Frames

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Paper No. 122 – 4th International Conference on Earthquake Engineering:

Self-centering concentrically-braced frame (SC-CBF) systems are being developed with the goal of providing adequate nonlinear drift capacity without significant damage or residual drift under the design basis earthquake. Analytical pushover and dynamic analyses were performed on several SCCBF configurations to evaluate their response to earthquake loading. Each SC-CBF self-centered under earthquake loading. Some loss of post-tensioning occurred in one frame configuration. The dynamic response of the SC-CBF systems, however, was consistent with the intended behavior.

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  • David Roke; Richard Sause; James Michael Ricles; Seo Choung-Yeol; Kyung-Sik Lee (2013), "Design of Self-Centering Steel Concentrically-Braced Frames,"

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