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Centrifuge Test of Liquefiable Site Treated with Drains

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This OpenSees model is a full 2D, plane strain model of the SSK01 and RNK01 centrifuge tests performed at UC Davis as part of the project NEES-GC: Seismic Risk Mitigation for Port Systems (

The finite element model includes two opposing areas of sloping ground underlain by liquefiable sand and separated by a channel. One side of the model is treated with prefabricated vertical drains. The finite element model includes the centrifuge model container. The model consists of a .tcl file (for use in OpenSees), a series of .txt files (as input seismic ground motions), and a note on the scaling of hydraulic conductivity to account for three-dimensional drainage.

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  • Rachelle Howell; Xiaoyue Wang; Ellen M. Rathje (2013), "Centrifuge Test of Liquefiable Site Treated with Drains,"

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