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This series contains hybrid simulation reports, surveys, plans, and other documents associated with hybrid simulation.

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  • Marti LaChance (2013), "Hybrid Simulation Documents,"

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  1. Final Report on the Hybrid Simulation S urvey, July 2013

    27 Sep 2013 |
    Active Documents |
    Contributor(s): Naru Nakata, Shirley Dyke, Khalid Mosalam, Carol K Shield, James Michael Ricles, Billie F. Spencer

    This report summarizes the responses to the NEEScomm June 2013 survey presented to the NEES...
  2. Hybrid Simulation Workshop Report, September 2013

    27 Sep 2013 |
    Active Documents |
    Contributor(s): Marti LaChance, Shirley Dyke, Naru Nakata, Gemez Marshall

  3. NEES Vision Report on Computational and Hybrid Simulation

    10 Nov 2011 |
    Active Documents |
    Contributor(s): Gregory Deierlein, Pedro Arduino, Dominic Assimaki, Juan M Caicedo, Shirley Dyke, Mahmoud M Hachem, Ayhan Irfanoglu, Frank McKenna, Patrick Lynett, Laura Nicole Lowes, Lelio Mejia, Silvia Mazzoni, Gilberto Mosqueda, Naru Nakata, Jian Zhang, Gregory P Rodgers

    On November 1, 2011, the Simulation Subcommittee of the NEEScomm Project Advisory Committee,...