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DataStore: Build your own databases at NEEShub!

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image More than a dozen exciting research databases were created at NEEShub for the civil engineering community to browse, search, explore, visualize, map and download.

Now you can create your own databases at NEEShub with DataStore!

Use a spreadsheet of your research data to quickly and easily create a searchable, online database. You can customize a "view" for your data and publish it as a NEEShub resource, so users worldwide can browse, search, explore and download your data.

Share your research data with the global community!

Use DataStore to

  • Collect data with spreadsheets or web forms
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to update the data
  • Customize your own viewers for your data
  • Publish your data as a NEEShub resource
  • Set access control for restricted viewing

and much more ...


Read the DataStore Documentation, watch the DataStore Video Tutorial or or just get started with DataStore to create a database and publish your data.

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