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Metadata Structure for Geotechnical Physical Models

By Bruce Lloyd Kutter1, Daniel Wilson1, J. P. Bardet2

1. University of California, Davis 2. University of Southern California

Published on


Advances in data volume associated with sensor and data acquisition technology and the
increased complexity and value of model test data make it clear that there is a real need to implement better, flexible, and more general standards for archiving data. The new standards should make it easy to create, edit, share, query, and search through databases and they should facilitate comparison of numerical simulations with experimental data. This paper presents a straw man data structure for physical model test results; perhaps a similar structure would be useful for numerical simulation results. It is anticipated that that this structure will be used to establish a Model Test Markup Language (MTML). XML (eXtensible Markup Language) provides an ideal syntax for MTML. The goal of this paper is to stimulate convergence toward an accepted structure of metadata.

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  • Bruce Lloyd Kutter; Daniel Wilson; J. P. Bardet (2010), "Metadata Structure for Geotechnical Physical Models,"

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