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OpenSees binary and source code ; no GUI

By Frank McKenna, Gregory P Rodgers1

1. Purdue University

This is the Tool for managing the binary builds of opensees

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Version 2.3.0-18 - published on 18 Nov 2011

Open source: license | download

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This tool space is for Greg and Frank to maintain builds of opensees for the hub.

Other simulation interfaces in the hub such as openseeslab and opensees2 should reference the binary for OpenSees as follows.


Or the above can be executed from the workspace tool.  The workspace tool will launch if you click the Launch Tool button above.   Then you must execute the above command.

To reference a backlevel build of OpenSees use


where rX is a release directory of openseesbuild

For more information about OpenSees visit the OpenSees website at

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  • Frank McKenna; Gregory P Rodgers (2010), "OpenSees binary and source code ; no GUI,"

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