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Structures Learning Module : Research and Revise

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Research and Revise

Activity 1:

One of the techniques used by engineers to minimize the effects of earthquakes is Linear Base Isolation (read more about base isolation by clicking on the link).
A modeling tool called Linear Base Isolation can be used to test how different isolation systems will affect this building's performance (After launching the tool you can learn more about Linear base Isolation here).

You are given three commercially available base isolators with natural frequencies of
Sway Right 1000 -- 0.1Hz
Smooth Ride Pro 0.5 Hz
Shaker Stopper -- 1.0 Hz

Using the Linear Base Isolation model, calculate the maximum displacement of the structure when each of these base isolators is used.

  • Which isolator will you recommend using for the structure?
  • Why is your choice the best option?

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