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LBCB Operations Manager

LabVIEW application used to control Loading and Boundary Condition Boxes in Cartesian space

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Version 3.0 beta 1 - published on 02 Apr 2014

Open source: license | download

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This is a LabVIEW application which is used to provide Cartesian control of Shore Western Loading and Boundary Condition Boxes (LBCB).  The application converts commands, readings, and offsets between Cartesian and Actuator coordinate space. 

The application provides manual control,  control via input files, and slaved control using the NTCP interface.

The application provides 6 DOF Mixed Mode control.  The forces and moment commands are implemented as incremental cartesian displacements commands following planes remain within plane motion.

The application provides autobalancing where the position of all six LBCB actuators is determined before oil is applied.

The application can be configured to control one or two LBCBs of any size.  2 LBCBs can also be controlled in rigid connection mode which assumes that the 2 boxes are rigidly connected along the X axis.

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This application was developed at the MUST-SIM facility part of the


Current maintainer is Michael Bletzinger


This application was developed by Dr. Narutoshi Nakata and Dr. B. F. Spencer, Jr. with the assistance of Dr. Oh-Sung Kwon.

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