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By Gregory P Rodgers1, Brian Rohler

1. Purdue University

The NEES Hybrid Communications Protocol (NHCP) is a new emerging standard for secure intercommunication between existing Hybrid Simulation packages and enabling soft-real-time hybrid-simulations across long distances.

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Version 2.0.7 - published on 08 Sep 2010

This tool is closed source.

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Highlighted Features

• High-speed, secure communications between experimental elements.
• Data-packing routines ensure even high precision floating point numbers are preserved from one point to another.
• Does not constrain type, quantity, or structure of data.
• Currently 5 times faster than NTCP over unreliable networks. 10 times speed increase in development.

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nhcpDownload NHCP 1.0 for Windows
nhcpDownload NHCP 1.0 for Linux

NHCP Reference Implementation and Protocol Reference Guide


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