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These are series of learning objects that form a seminar, workshop, or course.

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The following were top-rated resources in this type as voted by the user community. Make sure to review resources as you use them!

  1. Project: Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Nonrectangular Walls Under Multidirectional Loads

    28 Jul 2009 | Series | Contributor(s): Shawn Rice, Kari Klaboe, Santiago Pujol

    Previous laboratory testing of T-shaped walls loaded uniaxially along the direction of the stem of the T has indicated that these walls can be detailed using methods similar to those used for rectangular walls. However, multidirectional loading of these walls has not been carried out at large …

  2. Experiment 1: RWN - Continuous Reinforcement

    28 Jul 2009 | Series

    Testing of a half-scale, four story rectangular wall with continuous reinforcement.

  3. Reinforced Concrete Column Subjected to Cyclic Transverse Load

    10 Feb 2009 | Series

    Experiment contributed by Santiago Pujol. This test was part of an experimental program that included a total of eight test assemblies. An assembly consisted of two test specimens joined by a center stub. Each specimen was intended to represent a cantilever column under axial load and a point …

  4. Cyclic Lateral Loading of a Full-Scale Reinforced Concrete Flat-Plate Structure

    12 Feb 2009 | Series

    Experiment contributed by Damon R. FickThe test specimen was a full-scale two-span three-story reinforced concrete flatplate structure consisting of six columns spaced at 20 ft in each direction supporting a 7 in. thick slab. There was a 5 ft cantilevered slab around the perimeter of the building. …

  5. Trial 1: RWN

    04 Aug 2009 | Series

    Trial 1 for the RWN - Continuous Reinforcement Experiment.

  6. (K-12/Public) Study of Shear and Torsion

    05 Oct 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Gregory Pluta, Dan Kuchma, Thomas Frankie, NEES EOT

    Designed for K-12 viewers, and also those in the general public - this video describes the relationship between shear and torsion - and how this affects the failure of concrete columns. Conducted at the University of Illinois, and funded by the NEES Network - this video is a great example of the …

  7. OpenSeesDays 2010

    13 Oct 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Frank McKenna, Silvia Mazzoni, Pedro Arduino, Gregory Fenves

    Voiced over presentations from the OpenSees Days 2010 Workshop sponsored by The presentations provide a general overview of OpenSees,  a getting started overview about programming with the OpenSees Tcl interpreters,  details about structural and geotechnical modeling in …

  8. Single Story Analysis Module 1

    07 Sep 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Sean Brophy, NEES EOT

    See the Learning Objectives Welcome The following challenge explores various issues and opportunities related to designing resilient structures to earthquake activity. You will be following a learning cycle designed to support your inquiry process into the challenge and follow through learning …

  9. Learning Modules for Shake Tables (UCIST)

    07 Sep 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): Shirley Dyke

    This collection of modules was produced as a result of the UCIST - NEES partnership.

  10. UCIST Remote Operation Modules

    08 Sep 2010 | Series | Contributor(s): NEES EOT

    This series compiles the remote operation modules produced during the UCIST - NEES partnership. Each module contains a lab manual describing how to perform the remote operation and the associated learning objectives, quizzes and answers. These modules make use of the Remote Data Viewer tool - A …