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Semi-automated ground motion selection which scales time series to fit a target response spectrum and standard deviation.

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Version r93 - published on 22 Mar 2013

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SigmaSpectra is a computer program that selects suites of of earthquake ground  motions from a library of ground motion such that the median of the suite  matches a target response spectrum at all defined periods, and then scales the  suite such that the standard deviation agrees with the target standard  deviation. The success of the SigmaSpectra in matching the target response  spectrum and standard deviation depends on many factors including: the size of  the requested suite, the number of motions in the ground motion library, and the  appropriateness of the target response spectrum and standard deviation to the  motions in the library. 

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A Semi-Automated Procedure for Selecting and Scaling Recorded Earthquake Motions for Dynamic Analysis
Albert Kottke and Ellen M. Rathje, Earthquake Spectra 24, 911 (2008), DOI:10.1193/1.2985772

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