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One-dimensional site response analysis with stochastic variation of site properties using either time series or random vibration theory.

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Version r397 - published on 23 Mar 2013

Open source: license | download

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Recent Questions (18)
17149 Crash with version 3.99
Asked by Gabriel R Toro Open 1
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304 Why Strata crashes after copying a Response Spectrum within RVT approach?
Asked by Carolina Sigarán-Loría Open 0
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284 Implementing batch mode
Asked by Pim Witlox Open 3
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266 Is ti possible to call strata from the command line?
Asked by Maria Jose Crespo Open 1
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262 Baseline Correction for Shear Stress/Strain Time Histories?
Asked by Kirk JEnkins Open 1
241 Strata crash
Asked by daniele mercuri Open 3
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228 strata crash with drop-down menu
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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215 Problem with deconvolution
Asked by Francisco Pinto Open 1
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213 Drift in raw output & baseline correction
Asked by Merrick Taylor Open 1
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185 Where are saved non-linear curves ?
Asked by d h perret Open 1
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