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Simulation tool is software that allows users to run specific type of calculation.

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Community Top Rated Resources

  1. Strata

    16 Aug 2010 | Tools | Contributor(s): Ellen M. Rathje, Albert Kottke

    One-dimensional site response analysis with stochastic variation of site properties using either time series or random vibration theory.

  2. inDEED

    15 Dec 2009 | Tools | Contributor(s): George A. Howlett, Ann Christine Catlin, Kari Nasi, Rachelle Howell

    Visualize, analyze and compare experimental and numerical earthquake simulation data.

  3. PEN 2.4

    19 May 2010 | Tools | Contributor(s): Lily Dong, Ian Mathew, Gregory P Rodgers

    Project Explorer for NEES. Use this tool to manage(upload/download) files for a NEES project. Please read the new PEN Quick Start Guide.

  4. BuildingTcl

    07 Sep 2010 | Tools | Contributor(s): Silvia Mazzoni

    OpenSees Graphical Interface

  5. EditorM

    29 Sep 2008 | Tools

    Provides an interface for viewing historical sensor data and synchronized vidoe images.

  6. Real-Time Data Viewer (RDV) 2.2.6

    29 Sep 2008 | Tools | Contributor(s): Michael Boldischar, Jason Hanley

    Provides an interface for viewing real-time, synchronized, streaming data from an equipment site

  7. 3D Data Viewer

    27 Sep 2008 | Tools | Contributor(s): Barry Leibson, Jason P Thomas, Ben Steinberg, Adam Ryan

    Provide 3D Views of experimental models

  8. FileToRbnb

    27 Sep 2008 | Tools | Contributor(s): Gregory P Rodgers

    FileToRbnb reads from a DAQ-formatted ASCII file and sends the contents to the Data Turbine server.

  9. FlexTpsSource

    27 Sep 2008 | Tools

    FlexTpsSource acquires data from a FlexTPS video stream and sends it to the Data Turbine server.

  10. GOYA-A: Truss Analysis

    27 Sep 2008 | Tools

    Draw nodes and forces and analyze arbitrary trusses in this tool.