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Open-source Matlab-based simulation coordinator (SimCor) for distributed hybrid PSD simulation

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Version 2.8 - published on 03 Aug 2011

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The UI-SimCor has been developed in NEES at UIUC facility to facilitate geographically distributed PSD hybrid simulation. It has been widely used for PSD hybrid simulation and also for multi-platform simulation. Due to the open source code and transparent architecture of the code, it has been also used to implement and verify new integration algorithms by researchers. This release, v2.8, include minor updates and bug-fixed since the previous release in early 2007. The new features include:

  • The architecture is modified such that new integration scheme can be easily implemented by a user.
  • Network Interface for Console Application (NICA.exe) is rewritten for performance of the code and replaces the former NEES-SAM.exe. NICA supports OpenSees, Zeus-NL, Abaqus, and other generic function written in C++ or Fortran. Up to 1,000 DOFs and 10,000 time steps were tested and confirmed that there is no issue in communication between NICA.exe, UI-SimCor, and other applications.
  • Tri-axial component of ground motions can be applied to the model.
  • For concept development and verification of an integration scheme, resistance forces can be directly calculated from predefined stiffness matrix. This functionality does not require substructure modules, and hence, is useful to check accuracy of integration schem and functionality of UI-SimCor before involving substructure modules. 



Oh-Sung Kwon
Amr. S. Elnashai
Billie F. Spencer

Sponsored by


Mid-America Earthquake Center 

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