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What are resources?

Resources are user-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.

Who can submit a resource?

Anyone can submit a resource! Resources must be relevant to the community and may undergo a short approval process to ensure all appropriate files and information are included.

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Learning Objects

Lecture notes, assignments, presentations, modules, or other teaching materials.

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Images, videos, animations or references to YouTube videos on NEES channel.

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These are series of learning objects that form a seminar, workshop, or course.

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Active Documents

Documents, pictures or videos that are current but not related to a Research Project.

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A citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source.

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Computational Models

Define a particular system (such as bridges, buildings or soils) and are used to study the system’s behavior using computer simulations.

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A database is a collection of information organized to provide efficient retrieval through browse, search and download.

Use DataStore to contribute your own database!

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Historical Documents

Archived documents, pictures or videos not related to a Research Project.

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A paper relevant to the community that has been published in some manner.

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Simulation tool is software that allows users to run specific type of calculation.

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