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Emergency Action Plan Safety Program

Category: Safety Training

This training course contains Emergency Action Plan templates that you can customize for your own equipment site. These products are to be used as aides for building company safety programs.

Using these products is a four step process:
  1. Review the safety regulations.
    It is absolutely critical that you review the relevant safety regulations. Our products are carefully written to federal standards, but the employer has the ultimate responsibility for compliance. These regulations can be found at

  2. Review and customize training materials, written programs and forms.
    The products we provide are designed with easy customization in mind. Do not be afraid to make substantive changes. These materials are templates, and are meant to be customized to your business. They can and should be updated to deal with the specific hazards of your workplace.

  3. Delivering the training.
    Effective training is the cornerstone of any good safety program. Unfortunately, many organizations look at training as a formality, a box to be checked on the way to compliance. In today's busy work environments, it is not often that you have the undivided attention of the workers. Take advantage of it and add value with a good training event.

  4. Review and Evaluate
    Work environments contain a constantly changing set of hazards. Is your training addressing those hazards? Are employees demonstrating safe work practices? Good trainers are continuously evaluating training results, and looking for ways to improve.
Start Date:  Monday, 29 October 2012
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