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  1. Access to Kraken or Stampede

    Closed | Responses: 0


    For some reason I wasn't able to create a support ticket for the NEES website, I kept getting an 'Invalid Token' error. The general website email address sent me back...

  2. Simulation Wiki Tutorial - Batchsubmit Fundamentals

    This tutorial describes how to submit a job to the high performance computing capabilities available at the NEEShub using the batchsubmit command. This tutorial is not intended to be advanced and...

  3. Simulation Wiki

    Contents 1 Simulation tools 1.1 OpenSees 1.1.1 Accessing the Workspace 1.1.2 Launching OpenSees as you would on your local computer 1.1.3 Running Simulations on the NEEShub Servers 1.1.4...

  4. Batchsubmit Tutorial For OpenSEES Day 2012

    Contents 1 Requirements 2 Step 1 – Upload simulations to your home directory 3 Step 2 – Launch workspace 4 Step 3 – Running batchsubmit 5 Step 4 – What is the state...

  5. Simulation Wiki Tutorial - Running Parameter Sweep Applications on Large Clusters

    Parameter Sweep Examples Following is a very simple example of running OpenSeesMP with batchsubmit: The problem: You have 24 ground motions to simulate, and have a “for loop” that...

  6. High Performance Computing on NEEShub

    06 Sep 2012 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Gemez Marshall

    Slides presented at OpenSees Days 2012 in Berkeley, CA.

  7. difference between running program in workspace and runnig program in opensees interpreter tool

    Closed | Responses: 1

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any difference between submitting and running program in workspace using batchsubmit command and running program using opensees interpreter tool in...