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  1. FoRCy: Rocking Foundation Performance in Slow Cyclic and Monotonic Experiments

    22 Dec 2016 | Databases | Contributor(s): Manouchehr Hakhamaneshi, Bruce L. Kutter, Andreas Gerasimos Gavras, Sivapalan Gajan, Angelos Tsatsis, Weian Liu, Keshab Sharma, Giovanna Pianese, Tetsuya Kouno, Lijun Deng, Roberto Paolucci, IOANNIS ANASTASOPOULOS, Geroge Gazetas

    FoRCy: Rocking Shallow Foundation Performance in Slow Cyclic and Monotonic Experiments

  2. Seismic Stability of Levees Resting Atop Peat Soil

    07 Feb 2014 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): NEES EOT

    Presenters: Scott J. Brandenberg (M. EERI), UCLA; Jonathan P. Stewart (M. EERI), UCLA; Curt Schmutte, Schmutte Consulting; Anne Lemnitzer (M. EERI), University of California, Irvine. Seismic...

  3. Centrifuge Test of Liquefiable Site Treated with Drains

    03 Sep 2013 | Computational Models | Contributor(s): Rachelle Howell, Xiaoyue Wang, Ellen M. Rathje

    This OpenSees model is a full 2D, plane strain model of the SSK01 and RNK01 centrifuge tests performed at UC Davis as part of the project NEES-GC: Seismic Risk Mitigation for Port Systems...

  4. Centrifuge Modeling for Soil-Pile-Bridge Systems with Numerical Simulations Accounting for Soil-Container-Shaker Interaction

    31 Jul 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Mahadevan Ilankatharan

    Centrifuge testing of soil-pile-bridge systems was conducted using the NEES (Network of Earthquake Engineering Simulation) geotechnical centrifuge at UC Davis. This testing was a part of a...

  5. UCD/CGMDR-05/05: A Demonstration of the NEES System for Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction Centrifuge Data Reprot for Test Series MIL01

    31 Jul 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Mahadevan Ilankatharan, HyungSuk Shin, Bruce Lloyd Kutter, Steve Kramer, Pedro Arduino

    This test series includes a scale model of a two-bay prototype bridge structure with the sloping ground conditions that are assumed to exist at the site of the prototype bridge structure. Due to...

  6. FLIQ: Foundation and Ground Performance in Liquefaction Experiments

    29 Nov -0001 | Databases | Contributor(s): Jacquelyn Allmond, Bruce Lloyd Kutter, Jonathan Bray, Connor Hayden

    The consequences of seismically induced liquefaction have been intensely studied through case histories, numerical simulations, and many experiments involving shallow foundations on liquefiable...