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Tags: curation requirements

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  1. Correcting Sensor Metadata in the Project Warehouse

    06 Jun 2014 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Cheng Song

    The presentation provides a quick guidance for editing and correcting sensor metadata after they are successfully uploaded to the Project Warehouse. Researchers are encouraged to consult the...

  2. NEEScomm Curation Requirements 2014

    21 May 2014 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Stanislav Pejša

    This recorded presentation from NEEScomm Data Archiving Training at Davis in April 2014 reviews the basic requirements for data archiving in the NEES data repository. The purpose of...

  3. Drawings - How to Archive Setup, Instrumentation, and Speciman of an Experiment in the Project Editor

    01 May 2014 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Cheng Song

    The presentation shows proper archiving of the setup, instrumentation, and specimen of an experiment in the Project Editor. While researchers are free to upload additional technical documentation...

  4. Summary of the NEEScomm Curation Requirements - UCLA edition

    10 May 2013 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): Stanislav Pejša

    A short presentation of NEEScomm curation requirements with examples of metadata and documentation transferred from the NEES@UCLA data package to the Project Warehouse. The presentation also...