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Tags: earthquake engineering

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  1. Report on the Cable-stayed Bridge Control Problem - Phase 2

    23 Jan 2011 | Publications | Contributor(s): Shirley Dyke

    This report presents the extended problem definition for the second generation of benchmark structural control problems for cable-stayed bridges. The benchmark problem is based on the Bill Emerson...

  2. Seismic Fragility Relationships for Civil Structures with Semi-Active Control Devices

    05 Jan 2011 | Publications | Contributor(s): Waleed Barnawi

    Development of techniques for seismic mitigation has become increasingly important for communities throughout the world. Of the many available techniques, structural control has emerged as a...

  3. Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis for Seismic Risk Based on Stochastic Sampling and Focusing on Stochastic Ground Motion Modeling

    04 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Alexandros Taflanidis

    This poster provides an overview on NSF Grant # CMMI-1030726 entitled “Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis for Seismic Risk Based on Stochastic Sampling and Focusing on Stochastic Ground...

  4. Control Strategies for 3D Smart Base Isolation Sysytems Using Modal and Nodal Approaches

    26 Dec 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Yumei Wang

    Application of control technologies to structures is expected to be able to enhance a structure’s performance in response to natural hazards. Specifically, smart base isolation systems,...

  5. Seismic Base Isolation by Means of Nonlinear Mode Localization

    19 Dec 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Yumei Wang

    This study assesses the performance of a nonlinear base isolation system composed of a nonlinear foundation tuned in 1:1 internal resonance to a flexible mode of the main structure that is to be...

  6. Acceleration Feedback Strategies for Active and Semiactive Control Systems: Modeling, Algorithm Development, and Experimental Verification

    16 Dec 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Shirley Dyke

    Most of the current research on active structural control for aseismic protection has been based on either full state feedback strategies or velocity feedback strategies. However, accurate...

  7. ZEUS-NL

    24 Sep 2010 | Tools | Contributor(s): Do-Soo Moon, Bora Gencturk

    Simulation of 3-D structures under static and dynamic loading

  8. Aug 30 2010

    14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering

    For more information visit:

  9. Earthquake Engineering Tutorial

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    In 1997, William G. Godden, Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, donated his nine-volume slide set, Structural Engineering Slide Library, to the Earthquake Engineering Research Center Library...

  10. Jul 24 2010

    9th US National & 10th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering

    For more information visit:

  11. May 22 2010

    Xth Chilean Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering

    This meeting will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the magnitude 9.5 1960 Chile earthquake. A call for papers has been issued at the conference website; the deadline for the subscription of...

  12. FLIQ: Foundation and Ground Performance in Liquefaction Experiments

    29 Nov -0001 | Databases | Contributor(s): Jacquelyn Allmond, Bruce Lloyd Kutter, Jonathan Bray, Connor Hayden

    The consequences of seismically induced liquefaction have been intensely studied through case histories, numerical simulations, and many experiments involving shallow foundations on liquefiable...