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  1. Effect of Earthquakes on Nonstructural Elements and Effects on Structural Bracing on the system

    07 Nov 2012 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): Catherine Ellen French, NEES EOT

    This learning module was developed at the University of Minnesota. It contains background information from FEMA on how to identify vulnerable nonstructural elements that are likely to cause injury...

  2. Make Your Own Earthquake: What is a Seismometer?

    11 Apr 2011 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): NEES EOT

    Students will learn that a seismometer detects three components of motion and that a seismogram is the record of an earthquake. Prior to this activity, students should be introduced to the basics...

  3. Earthquake Safety Activities for Children and Teachers

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    This updated publication provides elementary school teachers with ready-to-use, hands-on activities that explain what happens during and earthquake, how to prepare for earthquake shaking, and how...

  4. The Adventures of Terry the Turtle and Gracie the Wonder Dog

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    This storybook for children in grades 3-6 relates the adventures of the safety-conscious mayor of Shakeyville (Terry the Turtle) and a group of safety volunteers who meet with students at the...

  5. Tremor Troop: Earthquakes - A Teacher's Package for K-6. Revised Edition

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    This teacher's package for grades K-6 provides ready-to-use, hands-on activities for students and teachers on the science of earthquakes and earthquake safety. This edition contains assessments...

  6. Seismic Sleuths: Earthquakes - A Teacher's Package for Grades 7-12

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    This package provides middle and high school teachers with information about the causes and effects of earthquakes. Activity sheets for students and background materials for teachers are provided...