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  1. The Mathematics of Sand Piles

    12 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Dingyi Sun

    The Eikonal Equation is well known for modeling the behavior of sand piling on a constrained surface amongst other things. Previous publications have explored the solution surfaces that arise from...

  2. Leaning Tower of Pasta

    05 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    Using spaghetti and marshmallows, students experiment with different structures to determine which ones are able to handle the greatest amount of load. Their experiments help them to further...

  3. Swing in Time

    05 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    Students examine the motion of pendulums and come to understand that the longer the string of the pendulum, the fewer the number of swings in a given time interval. They see that changing the...

  4. Breaking Beams

    02 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    Students learn about stress and strain by designing and building beams using polymer clay. They compete to find the best beam strength to beam weight ratio, and learn about the trade-offs...